Mindomo for Adobe Connect

Use Cases

Identify the main purpose of your meeting and visualize your business processes on the mind map together with your colleagues.

  1. Easily create documents
    Create a new document directly in the pod or upload previously created documents.
  2. Summarize content
    Quickly generate and present synthesized notes and meeting recap.
  3. Identify team goals
    Create a collaborative plan and share it with team members in real time.
  4. Enrich your training
    Deepen the learning process in an engaging collaborative environment.
  5. Map out new projects or products
    Get your team involved in brainstorming to improve solutions.
  6. Quickly close sales
    Efficiently adapt on-the-fly to fit your client's needs and bring in more business.
  7. Business processes
    Clearly outline your strategic process for employees and clients alike.
  8. Marketing research and analysis
    Instantly synthesize, research, and guide your business in the right direction.
  9. Technical flowcharting
    Seamlessly outline detailed ideas from business plans to team org charts.
  10. Map your way out of problems
    Quickly visualize the best solutions with potential alternatives and outcomes.