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Check out the latest upgrades of Mindomo which have taken place, including new features, bug fixes and functionality improvements.

4th July 2013 (appv.6.90 dbv.6.90, dskv.6.90)

  • Redesigned the dashboard.
  • Added labels to define relationships
  • Ability to Import/Export map themes
  • Redesigned the administration page.

22th October 2012 (appv.6.78 dbv.6.79, dskv.6.79)

  • Redesigned the team and the classroom administration pages
  • Redesigned the website
  • Fixed some bugs

3th September 2012 (appv.6.78 dbv.6.78, dskv.6.78)

  • Added new packages: Classroom, Professional, Academic
  • Redesigned my account
  • Import from
  • Export and save maps from viewer
  • Improved the map notifications

3th September 2012 (appv.6.78 dbv.6.78, dskv.6.78)

  • Added new packages: Classroom, Professional, Academic
  • Redesigned my account
  • Import from
  • Export and save maps from viewer
  • Improved the map notifications

28th June 2012 (appv.6.76 dbv.6.76, dskv.6.76)

  • Theme editor
  • Import from XMind
  • Handle touch gesture in Mindomo Desktop

12th June 2012 (appv.6.75 dbv.6.75, dskv.6.75)

  • Improved time loading images on a map
  • New shortcut for inserting a relationship
  • New login and sign up form
  • Small bug fixes

10th May 2012 (appv.6.73 dbv.6.73, dskv.6.73)

  • iPad compatibility
  • Free users can save maps on their local computers
  • Import from Mindmeister
  • Improved shortcuts
  • Improved exporting

2th April 2012 (appv.6.72 dbv.6.72, dskv.6.72)

  • Bing Image Search
  • Added Idea Grabber
  • Improved printing in drill down mode
  • Fixed a bug in Google Apps login mechanism
  • Import contacts from Yahoo

14th Match 2012 (appv.6.71 dbv.6.71, dskv.6.71)

  • In Map Search
  • Mindomo Bookmarks
  • Integration with Evernote
  • Improved Importing (Freemind, MindManager)
  • Export in Freemind
  • Import/Export OPML
  • Import Text
  • Add videos from Vimeo
  • Strikethrough

22th December 2011 (appv.6.63 dbv.6.63, dskv.6.63)

  • Mindomo Presenter
  • Collaborators Location Tracking

29th November 2011 (appv.6.62 dbv.6.62, dskv.6.62)

  • Mindomo for Google Apps released

21st November 2011 (appv.6.61 dbv.6.61, dskv.6.61)

  • Mindmomo presenter: Interactive presentation mode for Mind Maps

6th October 2011 (appv.6.03 dbv.6.03, dskv.6.03)

  • Tracking on which topic are the collaborators in real-time

6th September 2011 (appv.6.01 dbv.6.0, dskv.6.01)

  • Mindomo 6 - Major version
  • A new simplified interface
  • A new viewer
  • Orgchart and FreeForm layouts
  • Multimaps
  • Context Menus
  • Drill down
  • Pan and zoom
  • Audio Notes
  • Drag to Insert
  • New Icons
  • Many small improvements

11th March 2011 (appv.5.19 dbv.5.19, dskv.5.19)

  • Feature: Added Business support for Microsoft Server SQL 2008 and Glassfish
  • Feature: Redesigned Mindomo Admin module
  • Feature: Redesigned the website for Business

25th February 2011 (appv.5.18 dbv.5.18, dskv.5.18)

  • Feature: Improved loading maps performance

11th February 2011 (appv.5.17 dbv.5.17, dskv.5.17)

  • Feature: Added a mechanism to put unsaved maps in browser cache
  • Feature: Improved the mechanism for detecting map errors
  • Bugfix:Several bugs were fixed.

27th January 2011 (appv.5.14 dbv.5.14, dskv.5.14)

  • Feature: Added an affiliate scheme
  • Feature: Redesigned Mindomo Account

6th January 2011 (appv.5.13 dbv.5.13, dskv.5.13)

  • Feature: Full Dashboard Redesign
  • Feature: Improved the folder access model
  • Feature: Added Facebook login
  • Feature: Improved contact dialog
  • Bugfix:Several bugs were fixed.

12th November 2010 (appv.5.11 dbv.5.11, dskv.5.11)

  • Feature: Improved the import from Freemind
  • Feature: Added Back/Next navigation
  • Feature: Improved several usability problems
  • Bugfix:Several bugs were fixed.

21th October 2010 (appv.5.09 dbv.5.09, dskv.5.09)

  • Feature: Added a notification system for changes on a map
  • Bugfix:Several bugs were fixed.

6th October 2010 (appv.5.08 dbv.5.08, dskv.5.08)

  • Feature: New website
  • Bugfix:Several bugs were fixed.

30th September 2010 (appv.5.07 dbv.5.07, dskv.5.07)

  • Feature: Create Idea-Evaluation for topics
  • Bugfix: Copy & paste exception
  • Bugfix: There are some bugs when browser is full screen
  • Bugfix: Export PDF doesn't display well the task info
  • Bugfix: Update commandsFromOrder in MOM - problem
  • Bugfix: A title with brackets throws exception when rendering command in History

14th September 2010 (appv.5.06 dbv.5.06, dskv.5.06)

  • Feature: Create a button to copy the chat content to clipboard
  • Bugfix:When synchronize a map the default style should be sent.
  • Bugfix:Modify change style commands to store the map template
  • Bugfix:Disable browser for read-only maps
  • Bugfix:Disable the ribbon completely in demo mode
  • Bugfix:Resources are not cloned at Save As

8th September 2010 (appv.5.05 dbv.5.05, dskv.5.05)

  • Feature: Improved sharing panel.
  • Feature: Improved the Chat Dialog
  • Feature: Stop receiving more than one message with server is going down
  • Bugfix: Encrypted map opening was not working well.
  • Bugfix: Set As Default style causes error in desktop verison.
  • Bugfix: Import MOM 2.0 link to topic correction
  • Bugfix: MOM Loader nodePlaceholder

25th August 2010 (appv.5.04 dbv.5.0, dskv.5.04)

  • Feature: Implemented e-mail notifications.
  • Feature: Export branch to a new map.
  • Feature: Remove attachments feature.
  • Feature: Styles include boundary styling.
  • Bugfix: Offline maps synchronization.
  • Bugfix: Real-time collaboration.
  • Bugfix: Auto-save.
  • Bugfix: Versioning.

11th August 2010 (appv.5.03, dbv.5.0, dskv.5.03)

  • Bugfix: Offline maps synchronization.
  • Bugfix: Real-time collaboration.
  • Bugfix: Auto-save.
  • Bugfix: Versioning.

1st August 2010 (appv.5.02, dbv.5.0, dskv.5.02)

  • Feature: Offline maps synchronization.
  • Bugfix: Real-time collaboration.
  • Bugfix: Auto-save.
  • Bugfix: Versioning.

7th July 2010 (appv.5.01, dbv.5.0, dskv.4.3)

  • Feature: Topics can be resized and have a maximum value.
  • Bugfix: Real-time collaboration.
  • Bugfix: Auto-save.
  • Bugfix: Versioning.

21th June 2010 (appv.5.0, dbv.5.0, dskv.4.3)

01st April 2010 (appv.4.4, dbv.2.7, dskv.4.3)

  • Feature: YouTube player is using the official youtube api.
  • Feature: Chat and real-time collaboration completely rewritten.
  • Feature: Chat messages are stored on the server now.
  • Feature: New maps are created immediately on the server. (necessary for the upcoming auto-save feature)
  • Feature: Exporting is done in the server-side.
  • Feature: Exporting to mmap is working with floating topics.
  • Bugfix: Map size couldn't be bigger than 10000.
  • Bugfix: E-mails were sent multiple time.
  • Bugfix: Newly registered users had no access to the forum.
  • Bugfix: Youtube was not working well.

15th January 2010 (appv.4.3, dbv.2.6, dskv.4.2)

  • Feature: New sharing dialog (simplified GUI).
  • Feature: Chat dialog is shown when a message is received.
  • Bugfix: Locking mechanism was not functioning correctly.

22nd December 2009 (appv.4.2, dbv.2.6, dskv.4.2)

  • Feature: PDF Export allows CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters.
  • Feature: Resizing images preserves the aspect ratio
  • Feature: Google Image search was added
  • Feature: During invitation sending, it is possible to filter the contacts.
  • Feature: Searching will search in topic title and topic description
  • Bugfix: Do you want to save? message is correctly handled during closing and creating new maps.
  • Bugfix: Improved MMAP importing.
  • Bugfix: Gender was not correctly shown in public pages

23rd November 2009 (appv.4.1, dbv.2.6, dskv.4.1)

  • Feature: OpenID login and signup
  • Feature: Better notification system about the Premium Features
  • Feature: Mindomo Team, custom folder sharing, custom groups, subdomains and team name
  • Feature: Purchasing of Mindomo Team
  • Feature: Refactorized serverside code.
  • Feature: New style
  • Bugfix: floating topics were not movable after the first save.
  • Bugfix: Several other bugfixes.

10th October 2009 (appv.4.0, dbv.2.5(2), dskv.4.0)

  • Feature: Autocalculate task info
  • Feature: Autonumbering
  • Feature: Task Filtering
  • Feature: Recyclebin functionality
  • Feature: Add images from Wikipedia and Flickr
  • Feature: Add videos from YouTube
  • Feature: Split and Merge functionality
  • Feature: Password protect and encrypt public maps
  • Feature: New dialog for showing friends and resources
  • Feature: New map styles
  • Feature: New icon pack
  • Feature: New style, new pages
  • Feature: New content: mind mapping, videos
  • Feature: Internal Web Browser (Desktop only)
  • Feature: Offline Spellchecker (Desktop only)
  • Update: Account and Team management from the dashboard.
  • Fix: Improved export to PDF.

06th June 2009 (appv.3.15, dbv.2.5, dskv.1.4 (update))

  • Feature: Moved to more performant servers
  • Feature: Replaced JForum with PHPBB
  • Bugfix: Sending e-mails with several locales didn't work well

14th May 2009 (appv.3.15, dbv.2.4, dskv.1.4 (update))

  • Feature: New type of Excel export with Gantt Chart Data
  • Feature: Mindomo Editor is automatically focused after loading.
  • Feature: Fields in the property window are editable now.
  • Feature: Mindomo Desktop contains the translations.
  • Feature: Save language and tag fields to MOM xml.
  • Feature: Browse page will automatically show maps in the selected language.
  • Feature: All maps which are saved in the public folder are shown in the browse page.
  • Bugfix: Youtube bug fixed.
  • Bugfix: Streaming channel replaced with the normal polling channel due to improper functioning.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the "access denied" page in the maps/mapid pages.
  • Bugfix: Mindomo Desktop: Images didn't work well in OS-X.

1st May 2009 (appv.3.14, dbv.2.4, dskv.1.3 (update))

  • Feature: Improved the folder list dialog.
  • Feature: Added new fields for users.
  • Feature: Extended the My Account page.
  • Feature: Added version number to the desktop installer.
  • Feature: Implmented profile hits functionality.
  • Feature: All maps which are saved in the public folder are shown in the browse page.
  • Bugfix: Copy/paste topics between two maps.
  • Bugfix: Western European characters didn't work in PDF export.
  • Bugfix: Mindomo Desktop: Images didn't work well in OS-X.

27 April 2009 (appv.3.13, dbv.2.4, dskv.1.2 (update))

  • Feature: Every user has a profile page.
  • Feature: Users may comment on public maps.
  • Feature: Language and Tags properties were introduced on maps
  • Feature: Improved save dialog!
  • Feature: Browse page creates a tag cloud for every language, language filters can be used to search maps.
  • Feature: If language is not set it will be automatically detected on the server.
  • Feature: Changed the Embed code which doesn't contain javascript.
  • Feature: Implemented the hosted version for Mindomo Online.
  • Feature: Added real-time chat window. (beta only)
  • Feature: Mindomo Desktop: Added new file browser dialog.
  • Feature: Server: Removed dependency on tomcat.
  • Feature: Server: Using DBCP commons.
  • Feature: Server: User Connection management is done differently
  • Bugfix: Mindomo Desktop: Timeouts during saving and loading.
  • Bugfix: Mindomo Desktop: Usernames which had non-ascii characters were not correctly displayed
  • Bugfix: Youtube video was not working (due to changes on youtube site).
  • Bugfix: Fixed the multiline overlap during insert link to topic.

7 March 2009 (appv.3.12, dbv.2.3, dskv.1.1 (update))

  • Feature: Premium users can save and load maps directly to their computer in Mindomo XML Map format.
  • Feature: New Mindomo Desktop version, with Office 2007 like border and titlebar.
  • Bugfix: Mindomo Desktop: Selecting files had a bug.
  • Bugfix: After copy and paste the icons couldn't be change.
  • Bugfix: Spellchecking was not working correctly. It didn't check the notes.
  • Bugfix: Changing the access rights on the public map from the Properties window didn't work.
  • Bugfix: Import/Export to MMAP is working for floating topics.
  • Bugfix: Import/Export to RTF is working for floating topics.

22 January 2009 (appv.3.11, dbv.2.3 (update))

  • Feature: Publishing has new option to show the description window at start.
  • Bugfix: Moving floating topics when zoomed.
  • Bugfix: Search replace.
  • Bugfix: Import MMAP issues.
  • Bugfix: Mindomo Business/Education creation scripts for version 2.3 didn't update the version info in the database.

16 January 2009 (appv.3.11, dbv.2.3 (update))

  • Feature: Added floating topics.
  • Feature: Double-click inserts new maintopic to the clicked location.
  • Feature: Layout engine is rewritten.
  • Feature: Multiple node-view support implemented.
  • Feature: Find/Replace was implemented.

16 December 2008 (appv.3.10, dbv.2.3 (update))

  • Bugfix: Bullet in richtext notes destroyed the formatting for all other notes.
  • Bugfix: Invalid MMAP format importing is also supported now.
  • Bugfix: Exporting the notes to RTF, HTML and TXT had a problem with keeping the new lines.
  • Bugfix: Installing Mindomo Business/Education had some problems with the paths.
  • Bugfix: Mindomo Desktop Save As didn't update the title.

29 November 2008 (appv.3.10, dbv.2.3)

  • Feature: Added true PDF Export. The complete map can be exported in vectorial PDF format.
  • Limitations: Asian characters are not supported, gradients are not supported, dashed lines are not supported, transparent images are not supported.
  • Feature & bugfix: Map rendering was rewritten, and a couple of bugs (connection points between lines) were fixed.
  • Feature: Searching maps based on their names and description, both from the public or the private area.

27 October 2008 (appv.3.9, dbv.2.3)

  • Feature: Added HTML Export option with various templates.
  • Feature: Added upgrade script for version 1.1 of the database.
  • Bugfix: Map locking at multiple editing was solved.

06 October 2008 (v.3.8)

  • Feature: Possibility to add maps to favorites.
  • Feature: Drag & drop of maps between folders.
  • Feature: Added HTML View for maps.
  • Feature: Partial spanish translation was added.
  • Bugfix: Spellcheck problem solved.
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with save as loosing the link to a topic.

05 September 2008 (v.3.7)

  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with encrypted map opening from the map browser.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with canceling the uploading of images/documents.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with saving map-to-map links in encrypted documents.
  • Bugfix: Fixed memory leak in image downloading module.

21 August 2008 (v.3.6)

  • Feature: Upload images and insert to topics. Limited to 100MB/user (available for premium users only)
  • Feature: Preview for images in the browser page.
  • Feature: Fullscreen functionality in the viewer.
  • Feature: Favicon support for URLs.
  • Feature: Possibility to change the alignment of the multimedia(image,video).
  • Feature: If viewer fail to load a map it shows a nicer window.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with boundary drawing.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the autorize bug which appeared whenever a map was zoomed to a very low value and the user clicked on expand/collapse.

11 August 2008 (v.3.6)

  • Feature: Upload documents and attach to topics. Limited to 100MB/user (available for premium users only)
  • Feature: Insert Video to topic
  • Feature: Insert Audio to topic
  • Feature: The Map Canvas is automatically resized to contain all available topics.
  • Feature: Translation to Chinese, Italian, Russian
  • Bugfix: Improved performance of drawing curves.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the FitMap bug.
  • Bugfix: Checked Remember me at login didn't allow to logout.
  • Extended the servers with additional hardware.

26 May 2008 (v.3.5)

  • Feature: Export to Microsoft Excel (XLS) (available for premium users only)
  • Feature: Redesigned Mindomo Customer site (for Mindomo Business and Education) version 2.0.
  • Bugfix: Making possible to show the search box during embedding.

10 May 2008

  • Bugfix: Sometimes changing password disabled the account.
  • Bugfix: Export options were not taken into consideration during exporting.
  • Bugfix: Deleting relationship made impossible to add new relationship.
  • Bugfix: Dialog launcher was not disabled when all maps where closed, which caused an exception.

17 April 2008

  • Feature: Redesigned complete web site.
  • Feature: Redesigned "Maps" page. Maps may be shown categorized or in folders.
  • Feature: Localization to German and Swedish.
  • Feature: Map-to-Map links are now possible
  • Feature: Topic links are now possible
  • Feature: Hyperlinks may be started in the same window or in a new window.
  • Feature: Automatic reconnect after network connection failure.
  • Feature: Last modification date is converted acording to the user's local timezone.
  • Feature: Possibility to log in from the editor in the eventuality of a session timeout (after 10 minutes of inactivity the users will be automatically logged out).
  • Feature: Possibility to login and save a map from the demo mode.
  • Feature: Possibility to configure how Mindomo starts: same window, new tab, popup window
  • Feature: Remember me option at the login page
  • Feature: Status icon showing the status green/red if Mindomo is connected/disconnected to/from the server.
  • Feature: Notifications when multiple users open the same map.
  • Feature: Logout button on top right of the Mindomo editor
  • Bugfix: Corrected bug of spellchecking topics with nodes
  • Bugfix: Corrected bug of searching the root element
  • Bugfix: Corrected bug of locking maps when users have only read rights
  • Bugfix: Deleteing central topic is disabled.
  • Bugfix: Switching between tabs always selected the central topic.
  • Bugfix: Delete button deletes the selected image, relationship or topic.

21 January 2008

  • Feature: New printing dialog with advanced printing options
    • the number of pages you want to print your map
    • paper format
    • orientation
    • margins
    • measurement units, etc...
  • There were many users who complained about the poor printing in Mindomo. We have listened their complaints and created a new dialog which will let you print your maps in all kinds of formats. However we were limited by the printing functionality in the Flash Player, but we hope that we managed to find a good compromise. Due to the fact that there is no way that we change the printer paperformat and orientation from the program, it remains for the user to do the same settings twice. Once for the preview and once for the printer. We show a couple of warning messages to remember the user this repetitive task and we hope that this will make the users to remember to change the printer's settings.

10 January 2008

  • Bugfix: Corrected bug of changing connection width
  • Bugfix: Connected the list of available link protocols
  • During the update we mistakenly uploaded a version of Mindomo which contained half implemented upcoming features. Only a small amount of users should have connected to this version, those users should refresh their browser cache in order to reload the actual version. To refresh your browser cache please press Ctrl+F5 key combination (Works only under Windows: Firefox and IE)

26 November 2007

  • Feature: Possibility to create folders / subfolders
  • Feature: Possibility to copy and paste maps between folders
    • premium users are now able to create subfolders in the Private Maps folder and to organize their maps into different categories.
  • Feature: Possibility to filter out maps by name or by author from the Map Browser