Help And Support

Left Toolbar


  1. Choose the font family
  2. Choose the font size
  3. Choose from Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough effect on text
  4. Choose color of the text
  5. Choose the alignment
  6. Remove note
Mindomo left tollbar notes


You have various options to choose from when it comes to hyperlink

  • http:// - Type in a link
  • https:// - Type in a secure link
  • topic – Select a topic to link
  • map – Select a map to link
  • ftp:// - Use a ftp link
  • file/// - Use a document from your own computer
  • mailto: - Insert an email address that you want to link
  • callto: - Insert a phone number that you want to link

You also have the Open link in the same browser window.
If you have recorded a mistake in the process or you want to delete a hyperlink, you can always use Remove.

Mindomo left tollbar hyperlink


You have 2 options:

  1. Upload from Your computer
  2. Use a file that you already have on Mindomo
Mindomo left tollbar attachments


  1. Use the Upload button to use images from your computer.
  2. After that you can choose the positioning inside the topic - LEFT, RIGHT, TOP and BOTTOM
  3. If you have an image URL, paste the link and click SET. You can use the same menu to REMOVE the picture from topic, RESET SIZE or REFRESH the link.
  4. Also, you can use our QUICK SEARCH for images. You can choose from:
  • Mindomo Library - where you can find various images for your maps
  • My Pictures - if you want to insert pictures from your own gallery
  • Google – use the Google Search to insert images
  • Wikipedia – use Wikipedia to insert images
  • Flickr - use Flick to insert images

After you search for the desired image, all you need to do is select it and click on SET.

Mindomo left tollbar images


You can use Mindomo icons as a visual aid in your map.
The Remove button will allow you to remove all icons from the selected topic.

Mindomo left tollbar icons

Video and Audio

This menu will help you embed any kind of video or audio file.

  1. You can upload a file from your computer
  2. Record an audio note with your microphone
  3. First choose what kind of file you desire - video or audio, after that type in your link and click set.
  4. Also, you can use our QUICK SEARCH for video and audio. You can choose from:
  • Youtube - search and select files directly from Youtube
  • Video library - if you already have video files uploaded to Mindomo
  • Audio Library – if you already have audio files uploaded to Mindomo
Mindomo left tollbar video and audio

Task Info

When you choose to use TASKS on your map, you have to take these details into consideration

  1. Priority - Choose a level of importance for the task
  2. Completion – Choose the percentage of completion of the task
  3. Time Span – Select the START and END date
  4. Duration – an approximate number of hours, days, weeks or even months
  5. Assigned to – Choose from your contacts list, or type in the name of the person responsible
  6. Auto Calculate – Helps you calculate total time spend from tasks on your map
  7. Settings menu – Helps you edit advanced settings on your tasks
  8. Clear All – Clears all tasks on the selected topic
Mindomo left tollbar task info


Comments is a feature that helps you and your collaborators discuss on each topic or subtopic. You can even use Like or Dislike as a feedback mechanism.

Mindomo left tollbar comments