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Mind Mapping for Consultants

The art of consulting is sustained by the constant discipline of the mind to engage in lateral thinking, strategic planning, proficient project assessment and effective client communication. Every consultant has to be equipped with problem solving skills and emotional intelligence, which have to be skillfully used and oriented towards achieving successful and motivating performances.

The 4 Pillars of mind mapping effective consultancy solutions are :

Be Prepared for your meetings

  • gather relevant resources regarding your client's organization and projects
  • create the client profile on a mind map
  • sketch out potential questions for your client ahead of time

Be Practical in your communication

  • listen to your client's requirements and take compelling notes on the mind map
  • break the goals down into achievable steps by branching out into subtopics
  • use models and examples of best practice by using the presentation mode
  • create a mind map containing the assessment criteria
  • establish deadlines and tasks for your client’s project management

Be Professional in your work

  • prepare case studies by mapping out their advantages and disadvantages
  • use the SWOT analysis as a starting point to easily visualize the existing strategy of an organization together with its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities
  • establish performance objectives using the SMART framework to keep track of your clients' progress

Be Proactive in your networking

  • collaborate in real time with other colleagues
  • follow-up on your clients by sharing with them relevant information and updates
  • develop new creative ideas to improve project implementation
  • invite other collaborators to participate with ideas for improving consultancy services or sharing best practice examples straight on a mind map