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Mind Mapping for the Creative

Mind mapping is your creative playground where you are never too old to play with your ideas and never too young to reach beyond your potential.

Who are the creative among us?

Children are the creative among us, constantly exploring the world around them through playing, asking questions, observing, imitating and experimenting things on their own.

Adolescents are the creative among us, as they have to define and interpret the world around them to make sense of the challenges and multitude of changes that take place at an accelerated rate in their body, mind and spirit.

Adults are the creative among us, developing new ways of thinking and influencing the world around them through independent and efficient decision making, taking full responsibility of their actions as well as consequences.

The Elderly are the creative among us, as they reinterpret the world around them after a lifetime of learning what it’s worth pursuing, investing in and fighting for.

Being creative is more than a state of mind it is the hopeful attitude that any problem, activity, idea or situation can be transformed into an oasis of resources. Take a moment and allow yourself to discover how you can transform your simplest ideas with Mindomo into lifelong projects:

  • brainstorm the most significant life experiences, actions, successes, etc
  • define your successes using simple and short sentences
  • create a step by step personal development plan
  • insert comments and add notes whenever you want to make certain changes or wish to evaluate your progress
  • identify your strengths and jot down your weaknesses by using a significant map layout
  • collaborate with friends and share your ideas with them
  • inspire yourself from other creative people by inserting video and audio files into your mind map
  • research information that is significant to you, collect data, images and add them as links to your mind maps