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Mind Mapping for Innovative Lawyers

Lawyers are constantly exposed to new information and stories that have to be clearly understood, easily incorporated into a contextual framework of the case, and efficiently presented to make sense of the problematic facts. In order to enhance their analysis, interpretation, communication and presentation of data, facts and cases, lawyers have to maintain an open-minded perspective oriented toward learning new things and exploring creative ways for problem solving.

Innovative lawyers are using mind mapping as:

A data collection tool

Legal research is essential for the development of any case as well as for establishing a strong base of evidence regarding legal rules, theories and institutions. Gathering all the facts in a common place can be gold for lawyers who intend to have direct and easy access to any type of information. Therefore, mind maps allow lawyers to store the collected resources and to add them as links to subtopics according to the chosen case or theme.

A communication tool

The key to having good communication with clients as well as with the working team is to listen and easily record new information that is being delivered. Writing questions for direct examination or taking notes while interviewing a client can be a breeze when using mind maps to capture the facts, details and specific information that a client is transmitting.

A problem solving tool

The flexibility of moving topics and subtopics around on a mind map, helps lawyers to quickly adjust their argument to the issues raised by the opponent. To strengthen the power of an argument, a mind map will always encourage you to come up with alternative solutions and strategies.

A presentation tool

Whether you need to immediately recall some information or you want to visually provide a quick and straightforward presentation of the key points pertaining to your case, the presentation mode is the most efficient way to make your case relevant by using the information straight from your mind maps.