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Mind Mapping for Managers

  1. Establish project requirements together with your clients
    Capture your client's requirements on the spot, save the information and refine it at a later time, by adding and changing the necessary details. In order to meet your client's needs provide useful feedback and make the project a success.
  2. Develop your sales strategy
    Quickly summarize your client's profile on a mind map by identifying what motivates him . Adapt the offer to fit your client's needs and maximize the chance to close the deal.
  3. Enhance your brainstorming
    Get your team involved in brainstorming to improve your product, generate better ideas for marketing, create new product ideas, prepare efficient marketing campaigns and get ahead of your competition.
  4. Prepare your product launch
    Launching a product or a new service involves a lot of planning and thinking ahead. Mindomo will keep all information in one place, which can be altered and reviewed by multiple collaborators in real-time. Create the draft plan and share it with team members and marketing experts, accelerating the review process in real time.
  5. Plan out your business
    Define the objectives that are specific to your business. Plan and create the blueprint for achieving your goals. Describe the steps that are needed to develop and implement an action plan. Involve your team in the planning process by asking for their feedback and encouraging them to contribute with useful comments and ideas in order to be one step ahead.
  6. Evaluate risk factors
    Identify internal and external risk factors for your business. Analyze the possible threats as well as the opportunities that lie ahead. Draw out efficient solutions in collaboration with your team and minimize the risks by getting on the safe side.
  7. Drive your decisions towards success
    Structure your decisions by listing, weighing, and scoring the alternatives. Discover "the must have" and "want to have" for each alternative in order to find out what actions need to be taken to achieve the best results.
  8. Map your way out of problems
    Find the best solutions to your problem by breaking it down to the root causes, gathering all the facts and data, comparing and contrasting possible alternatives.
  9. Prepare your negotiation tactics
    Mapping out your options will help you visualize the advantages and disadvantages of each party. By seeing the big picture you can select the option that brings mutual gain.
  10. Research the trends in your field
    Gather various pieces of information and resources and keep them together, in a structured way, on a mind map. Summarize the highlights of your research and present them to your staff.