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Mind Mapping for Students

More important than knowing yourself, your strengths and your skills is learning how to use your knowledge, your strengths and your skills into an ever-changing social, cultural and political environment both nationally and internationally.

Mind Mapping is the popular trend among the creative. Don't be the last one in your group to be mind mapping! Take a look at how you can use your creativity while studying and develop a personal approach in how you present your information:

  • Create interesting and fun study guides on mind maps and improve your memory in order to have higher scores on your tests
  • Take quick notes during class and add comments to the topics you have already created and developed
  • Integrate the syllabus in your mind map by adding a link to it and keep track of your assignments and school work deadlines
  • Develop creative group projects and collaborate with other colleagues in real time
  • Make relevant presentations straight from the mind map and use them to present your ideas, projects and assignments in a creative way
  • Research online journal articles, resources or documents and add them as links to your mind map either by using Mindomo Bookmarks or by using a direct hyperlink
  • Organize ideas, concepts and information by breaking down the terms into manageable parts using org-charts, concept maps or other efficient layouts
  • Develop your critical thinking skills by analyzing all the options on a mind map, developing potential alternatives and selecting the best one
  • Explore problem-solving strategies and distinguish possible solutions by visualizing their benefits
  • Practice the art of becoming a creative and efficient decision maker learning to take into account potential risks as well as potential benefits for the actions you are undertaking