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Styling mind maps

Formatting and Styling your Mind Maps

Click the image above to see a mind map showcasing the formatting and appearance options in Mindomo. You can change the look and style of your mind maps to help you organize or even present your data.

Topic Appearance

For Topic Appearance, use the

  1. Topic Menu and also the
  2. Context Menus on topics.

Formatting Topic Text

You can format the topic text by using the Text Menu.
Use Bold, Italic and Underline to beautify your text.

  1. To choose a font face use Font Family and select the font from the list.
  2. To choose a font size use Size and select a number.
  3. To choose a font color use Color.
  4. To choose alignment use Alignment.

Changing Topic Appearance

  1. Change the topic shape. Choose from a line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval, octagon, hexagon or a circle.
  2. Change the topic background color
  3. Change the topic line color
  4. Change the line weight
  5. Change the line type

Changing Boundaries

  1. Select a shape for the boundary
  2. Remove Boundary
  3. Boundary Fill
  4. Boundary Border

Changing Relationship Appearance

  1. Insert - Insert a relationship.
  2. Delete - Select the relationship and delete it.
  3. Color - Choose a color for the selected connection.
  4. Weight - Change the thickness of the connection.
  5. Shape - Choose the shape for your connection.
  6. Pattern - Choose one of the line styles for the connection.
  7. Arrows - Select the direction.

Map styles

  1. Select a map theme - Map themes offer your mind maps a variety of styles with different shapes and colors that are applied to your central topic, main topics and subtopics, to branches and map background.
  2. Customize your current map theme - Start styling your map by choosing to edit and customize the look of the topics, subtopics, boundaries and relationships provided within the template. The changes you make can be saved and applied to your current map theme.
  3. Customize default theme - Change the appearance of your default theme for your new mind maps.
  4. Customize - apply default theme - By choosing to apply the default theme you are changing the look of your current map.
  5. Map background - Change the color of your map background.