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Where to use mind maps

Mindomo has many uses in education, business, information storage, or anywhere an overall picture of a task, idea, or plan could be shown. With its extensive and easy to use features, Mindomo is a perfect tool for anyone.

What is Mind Mapping

Mind mapping allows you to graphically store complex concepts, tasks, ideas, and other related information in a structured form.

Topics in a mind map are linked together with lines, showing the relation between topics, very much like a brainstorming diagram. Each topic, similar in structure to an outline, can have multiple sub topics. Each topic and sub topics can contain text, notes, links, and images, allowing you to represent virtually any type of information.

What is Mind Mapping

What is Mindomo

Online, Web Based, Mind Mapping Application

Mindomo is an online, web based mind mapping tool, featuring functionality only found in the most advanced mind-mapping applications. Accessing Mindomo can be as easy as opening any modern web browser when you have an Internet connection. Designed to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac, Mindomo can follow you anywhere you go.

Easy Interface

Mindomo's visually appealing, interactive, and easy to use interface allows you to quickly create your mind maps by using the appropriate toolbars and keyboard shortcuts. Modify a task assignment, data structure, or change concepts by simply dragging and dropping topics on your mind map. Featuring automatic topic balance, map clutter is never a problem. The search function enables you to quickly find that piece of information or task, you’ve been looking for, on your mind map.

Mind Map Sharing

Share mind maps with friends and colleagues by providing a direct web link to your mind maps or by embedding them in an existing web page. Sharing your mind maps with other Mindomo users lets you control who can access your information and how much access people have to your mind maps.

Multilanguage Support

Mindomo has full support for extended character sets, including Japanese.